City of Bedford, Indiana

Press Release
Monday, July 13, 2020

On Friday, July 10 a video was posted on social media by a 19 year-old from Lawrence County.  The video depicts his truck which has a confederate flag painted on the tailgate with a noose draped over it.  I have personally reached out to this individual who states he was just out to prove that “things are sometimes not as they appear to be”.  While I respect a person’s freedom of speech, I absolutely do not condone this behavior.  We have a responsibility to work together to dismantle violence and division among those encouraging racism in a time when we need compassion and leadership the most.  I am proud of the Citizens and law enforcement in this City and the close community they have built here and I want to assure everyone that the actions of this young man do not represent the beliefs and morals of this Administration.  Local law enforcement is aware of the situation and have forwarded the information to the FBI.