City of Bedford, Indiana

Thursday, November 09, 2017



CONTACT: Marla Jones                                                                            Dan Kirk
                     Director of Business & Community Development                Street Commissioner
                     (812) 275-1602                                                                       (812) 275-1631

Construction is underway to update the streetscape in downtown Bedford.  J Street is complete apart from some finishing touches that are to be addressed before the project completion.  Construction will continue on I Street between 15th & 16th Streets.  Sidewalk construction on I Street will continue to move from 16th Street north towards 15th Street.  Below is a list of activities that we anticipate happening over the next week.   A weekly update will be distributed during the remainder of the streetscape construction.  

Last week’s progress:

·         Continued construction and placement of the upper level sidewalk for I Street.  Size restricted sidewalk placed against the buildings is nearly completed to 15th Street.

·         Began pouring concrete for locations of steps and walkways on the south half of I Street.

·         Excavated and poured decorative wall foundations at the north end of I Street.

·         Mats are still being used in certain areas of the construction to better identify the path for pedestrian access and to make traversing the area easier.

·         Pedestrian indicated signals on J Street are now functional in sequence with the operation of the traffic signals.  Please note that the push buttons themselves will be functional at a later date.

What to expect November 10rd thru November 17th

·         Excavation and installation of the decorative wall foundations at the north end of I Street will continue.  Decorative concrete block placement on top of the foundations placed the week prior will begin.

·         Installation of upper level sidewalk along building fronts will continue north towards 15th street.

·         Pouring of steps and walkways will continue on the south half of I Street.  Temporary access will be adjusted and available to these locations of entry in coordination with the remaining construction activities.

·         Curb and gutter and lower level sidewalk operations will begin and proceed from 16th Street towards 15th Street.

Customer Access:

As a reminder, wet concrete needs up to 48 hours to harden and cannot be walked on during that time.


We are working to restore parking on I Street as quickly as possible. If possible, we will attempt to provide a couple of temporary parking spaces in coordination with the remaining construction activities.  Once lower sidewalks and curbs are complete, parking will be restored.