City of Bedford, Indiana

Advertisement For Bids - New Police Station
Friday, September 30, 2022







Separate sealed BIDS for the construction of New Police Station will be received by the City of Bedford at the City of Bedford, City Hall located at 1102 16th Street, Bedford, IN 47421 until 3:00 P.M. Eastern (Local Time) on October 27, 2022. Each Bid must be enclosed in a sealed envelope bearing the title of the project and the name and address of Bidder.  If Bids are forwarded by mail, a sealed envelope containing the Bid must be enclosed in another envelope addressed to the OWNER at 1102 16th Street, Bedford, IN 47421. Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at StoneGate Arts & Education Center, 931 15th Street, Bedford, IN 47421 on October 27, 2022, at 4:00 P.M. Eastern (Local Time). Any bids received after the above specified time and date will be returned to the bidders unopened.

A pre-bid meeting will be held at 10:00 A.M. (Local Time) on October 13, 2022 at the Project Site located at 2308 W. 16th Street, Bedford, IN 47421. All prime contractors, subcontractors, small, minority or women owned enterprises, and other interested parties are invited to attend.

The CONTRACT DOCUMENTS, consisting of, but not, necessarily limited to, the: Advertisement for Bids, Information for Bidders, Bid, Bid Bond, Agreement, General Conditions, Supplementary Conditions, Payment Bond, Performance Bond, Employee Drug Testing Program (as required pursuant to Indiana Code Sections 36-1-12-24 and 4-13-18-6, E Verify Program Compliance Affidavit, Notice of Award, Notice to Proceed, Change Orders (if any), Drawings, Specifications and Addenda, may be examined at the following locations:


·         Midwestern Engineers, Inc., 802 W. Broadway St., Loogootee, IN  47553

·         Midwestern Engineers, Inc., 6809 Corporate Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278

·         City of Bedford, City Hall, 1102 16th Street, Bedford, IN 47421

Plans and Specifications are available at the office of Midwestern Engineers, Inc.  The service charge for Contractors to view the plans for preparing their bid is as follows: 1) Viewing by digital download at - $100.00 per set and 2) Viewing by paper-bound plans and specifications - $300.00 per set.  All service charges for viewing are non-refundable.

Each bid must be enclosed in a sealed envelope bearing the title of the Project and the name and address of the Bidder.  All bids must be submitted on the proposal forms identified in the specifications. 

The bidder must file with their sealed bid a certified check or a bid bond in the amount not less than five percent (5%) of the total amount of the highest aggregate proposal, payable to the Owner.  The above check or bond is to ensure the execution of the contract on which such bids are made.


Bids shall be properly and completely executed on proposal forms included in the Specifications.  Bids shall include all information requested by Indiana Form 96 (Revised 2013) included with the Specifica­tions.  Under Section III of Form 96, the Bidder shall submit a financial statement.  The Owner may make such investigations as deemed necessary to determine the ability of the Bidder to perform the work and the Bidder shall furnish to the Owner all such information and data for this purpose as the Owner may request.  The Owner reserves the right to reject any bid if the evidence submitted by, or investigation of, such Bidder fails to satisfy the Owner that such Bidder is properly qualified to carry out the obligations of the Agreement and to complete the work contemplated therein.

Each Bidder is responsible for inspecting the Project site(s) and for reading and being thoroughly familiar with the Contract Documents and Specifications.  The failure or omission of any Bidder to do any of the foregoing shall in no way relieve any Bidder from any obligation with respect to its Bid.

A conditional or qualified Bid will not be accepted.

All applicable laws, ordinances, and the rules and regulations of all authorities having jurisdiction over construction of the project shall apply to the project throughout.

The work to be performed and the bid to be submitted shall include sufficient and proper sums for all general construction, mechanical installation, labor, materials, permits, licenses, insurance, and so forth incidental to and required for the construction of the facilities.

The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any formalities. Any bid may be withdrawn prior to the above scheduled time for the opening of bids or authorized postponement thereof.  Any bid received after the time and date specified shall not be considered.  No bid may be withdrawn after the scheduled closing time for receipt of bids for at least ninety (90) days.

Award will be made to the low, responsive, responsible bidder. 

The contractor(s) to whom the work is awarded will be required to furnish, before commencing work, a performance and payment bond in an amount equal to the bid price of the contract awarded to said contractor and certification of all insurance required in the specifications.  All bonds and liability insurance shall remain in effect for the period listed in the specifications following completion and acceptance of local and federal agencies. 


Samuel J. Craig                                                                    Penny May

City of Bedford, Mayor                                                      City of Bedford Redevelopment Commission, President