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The City of Bedford Utilities has launched a new and improved online billing and payment solution, offering more ways to view and pay your utility bill, plus the addition of 24/7 phone payments and pay by text.  Residents can receive and view bills electronically, make a payment with credit/debit card or e-check, and choose to go paperless.  A quick, one-time payment can be made without registering or you can create an account to enjoy more features like setting up recurring or scheduled payments, saving payment information for later use and viewing history.  Getting started is easy, just click on the online utility payment link. 

 Click on the link below for answers to our most frequently asked questions on online payments.

I forgot my Password, how do I access my account?
Click on "Forgotten Password?" at the bottom of the login screen.  You will need your account number and email address to retrieve your password.  If you're unable to locate this information, you may call us and after identifying your identity, then we'll be able to assist.

What is Pay by Text?
Pay by Text is a convenient way to pay your bill by text message.  When signed up for Pay by Text, bill notifications will be sent by text message (this is in addition to email notifications) and you will then have the option to pay via text message with your default payment method by simply replying.  You may enroll in Pay by Text when making an online payment or by accessing your account and selecting the Pay by Text option.  A confirmation will be sent to complete your enrollment.

Is my information secure?
Invoice Cloud uses the highest standards in Internet security.  Account information displayed within the payment portal is truncated to protect confidential data.  Any information retained is not shared with third parties.

Is my credit card and checking account information safe when I pay online?
Absolutely, Invoice Cloud will safely store your financial information using Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant systems.  This includes truncating (abbreviating) account numbers so that even we do not see your complete account information.


The City of Bedford Utilities also offers customers the option of paying their utility bill through ACH.  If you’d like your bill to be paid automatically on the due date from your bank account each month, call us or download the ACH form from our website.  Under City Departments select Utilities and under Quick Links select Billings and Payments. Then at the bottom select Authorization to Start ACH Payments. 


Click on the link below for answers to our most frequently asked questions on ACH payments.

Click on the link below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.


How do I sign up for electronic payments?
Simply complete the authorization form and return it to the City along with a voided check. This will help ensure that your transactions are appropriately posted. Allow 1 month for processing and withdrawals to start. Continue to pay your bill via other methods of payment until a message appears on your bill showing the withdrawal of electronic payment.

When are the bills paid?
Payments are deducted on the due date of your billing statement each month.

Note: If the due date is on a weekend or any other day that the bank is closed, the withdrawal will occur on the business day following the transfer.

How does it work?
The City of Bedford's bank will instruct your bank to deduct the entire amount of your utility bill from your checking account. Your bank will deduct your payment amount and forward the payment electronically to the City of Bedford's bank.

How can I be sure that the bill was actually paid?
The payments will be shown on your monthly statement from your financial institution.

Will I receive a notice of payment due from the City of Bedford Utilities each month?
Yes. The City will continue to mail your utility bills to you as usual. However, in the message box on the bill it will clearly state that your account has been set up to have payments made electronically.

If I don't have a check or receipt, how can I prove I have paid my bill?
Your monthly statement from your financial institution will include information on the payments that you have made, including the name of the payee, the amount of the payment, and the date it was paid.

What if the amount of the payment notice from the bank is incorrect or I want to dispute my bill?
If you have questions or concerns regarding your bill or the amount due, you should contact the Utilities Department at 812-275-1626.

What if I no longer want to pay my bill by electronic payment?
You must notify the Utilities Department in advance in writing that you want to stop paying your bills electronically.