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Building a Better Bedford Projects

The City of Bedford applied twice for a CDBG Disaster Recovery Grant for funds for the U Street Channel Replacement, the Lincoln Avenue Storm Sewer System and the Western/Eastern Avenue Storm Sewer System. We were not awarded funds in 2009 or 2010.

The City of Bedford received notice December 2012 that funds were still available under the Disaster Recovery funding to fund the submitted grant application from 2010. 
The City of Bedford worked with the engineering firm Smith Neubecker & Associates from Bloomington in 2009 and 2010 who prepared the scope of work for these three projects within the guidelines of the grant.
The project was bid and Tri-County Builders of Bedford received the bid for the three projects in September 2013.
Tri-County began work September 2013 on the U Street Channel.  They began the Western/Eastern Avenue project in February 2014 and the Lincoln Avenue section began March 2014.
The overall drainage system of the city is inadequate and the areas outlined in this project are collection sites of the city`s storm water.  

U Street Channel Replacement

The work consists of removal and replacement of an existing road crossing on U Street over an existing open channel storm sewer with cut limestone block walls.  Approximately 1,634 feet total for both sides was removed and replaced.  

Western/Eastern Avenue Storm Sewer System

The work consists of installing a storm sewer system along the existing public alley between Western and Eastern Avenue connecting 27th to 29th street. The new system will connect to an existing 24 inch storm sewer located along the north side of 29th street. The length is approximately 906 feet and will include new inlets, storm manholes, and tees that will be installed in the main line and stubbed to the alley right of way for connection to the system by adjacent property owners. 
Lincoln Avenue

The work consists of installing a storm sewer system along Lincoln Avenue from the intersection of 6th Street south to an existing box culvert crossing Lincoln Avenue near 7th Street. The project will also include installation of storm sewer on portions of N street and 6th Street north and east of Lincoln Avenue. The pipe area is approximately 2,000 feet in total and will include new inlets.