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Stormwater Management Useful Links

Learn the basics about the trash we throw away everyday and what you can do to help.

"Blue is the new Green" - completed in 2015, this 10 minute video reviews the Do`s and Don’ts of basic stormwater pollution prevention practices that should be implemented by everyone in their home, in their yard, and when they are out and about. This training tool will assist with educating the general public so they can learn to do the right things to help protect our environment; especially focusing on ways to help 

"The City of Bedford is home to around 14,000 people. With our excellent schools, outstanding shopping, cultural amenities and small town atmosphere, Bedford truly is a great place to call home. 

"Contains a list of many Construction General Permit Frequently Asked Questions 

A FANTASTIC website that contains tons of information about the environment, designed specifically for children. 

Learn how your choices can reduce waste in your home, your school and your community. 

Citizens play a key role when they work to understand the challenges of our outdated sewer system and implement tools such as rain gardens and rain barrels 

In this website you will find graphics used to development the Stormwater and the Construction Industry Poster. 

Provides thousands of photos to enhance school reports and projects. The images may be used royalty-free by students and teachers. 

The Planet Protectors Club was formed by kids who want to help the environment by reducing waste and saving resources. Anyone can join! Start improving the world around you today! 

Website from Storm Water Authority organization that contains valuable information about not only storm water in general, but specific information and links about storm water in Indiana. 

Recognizing this, EPA has developed a set of materials that state or local governments can customize and use in their own stormwater outreach campaigns. 

"If stormwater pollution were simply rubber duckies, it wouldn`t matter what went down our storm drains; but it does because storm water pollution is not rubber duckies. It`s trash, oil, cigarette butts and pet waste flowing untreated into our lakes and rivers. So, take a minute for clean water -- rake up, sweep up and pick up! Cleaner streets means cleaner water for all Hoosiers. So, keep it clean Indiana. It`s your watershed, your home, your future. 

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You can find a variety of clip art at this Web site for inclusion in school reports or other projects. Clip art relating to everything from recycling to waste reduction measures is available. Students can easily download this clip art in several different formats. 

Google is a searching tool, to research topic you wish on the Internet. It has category breakdowns as well so you can search in specific categories.